A new project: booklet about marine debris for Kids

This is the poster for the conference in Berlin from 10.4. until 12.4.2013:
"International Conference on Prevention and Management of Marine Litter in European Seas"
I will present the project on this poster and in a "rapid fire session"
Who is interrested to know more about this?



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Education-Booklets for Kids about marine litter

Create and spread free printed educational information material about recognition and prevention of further entry of plastic waste into the seas (e.g. books, brochures, etc.)  for children aged about 6-10 years. Information and instructions for teachers and parents should be included.

The material has to be usable internationally just by translation into the local languages.

Step 1: Research about existing material (movies, books, booklets, educational material etc.)

Step 2: winning authors from different countries to cooperate

Step 3: Fundraising

Step 4: Implementation

Step 5: search of Sponsors for print runs (from local up to international),

Step 6: build up distribution and PR work